Motion-Design: City

City nennt sich der offizielle Trailer des European Short Film Festival 2010 von Simon Reichenbach.


Weitere Informationen:

In the trailer „city“ you can see different houses and monuments developing over time and which are charakteristik for europe. As the city is completed a flock of zeros flying across the city. the camera is following the zeros and flys through a lense of a videocamera which end in creating the logo on the horizon. the fly through the lense stands for a different, and changed view of the world/europe.

It’s the winner in the MIT „European Short Film Festival“ Trailer-Competition

awarded with the golden beeber

Directed by Simon Reichenbach (

Texturing: Skarlett Rhöner, Simon Reichenbach
3D Modelling, Animation: Simon Reichenbach
Sounddesign, Music: Robin Leo Knauth, Simon Konrad
Editing, Post Production: Simon Reichenbach

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